There are many steps in selling a home.
Using the Ayre/Rhinehart Advantage puts you on the right path!

Let's look at each of these steps and how we help. We understand that selling a home means knowing the community - and how that might increase your home's value or mesh with a buyer's lifestyle. It means understanding the sale process so there are no surprises. It means being sensitive to the fact that selling often marks one of life's important events.

What's so special?


What makes your home special to you? What will make it special to a buyer? Our first step in selling a home is discovering all its assets. Knowing why you bought it, what you love about it and what other features it has sets the stage for us to find buyers who will appreciate its strengths.

What's it worth?

Market Evaluation

Determining the value of real estate - including your home - is part art, part science. And it depends largely on other properties currently or recently on the market. We'll share our "window to the market" so you can make informed decisions about your home's value in the marketplace.

Set the stage


There are things you can do that will help enhance your home's marketability - and its value. We call those things "staging," and we'll offer suggestions for things that will help you sell faster and earn a greater return on your investment.

Say 'cheese'


Home buying is a very visual experience. Marketing your home starts by creating a visual showcase, with high-quality photography that will make potential buyers excited about its outstanding features.

It pays to advertise


The only way people can buy a product - such as a house - is if they know about it. We make sure potential buyers know about yours by advertising in many ways, which include, but are not limited, to:

  • Print advertising
  • Our own award-winning website and multiple syndicated listing sites that touch buyers all over the world
  • Extensive exposure through fully staffed open houses
  • Virtual tours
  • Prominent, highly-visible signage

Spread the word

Internal Marketing

It's an important part of the Ayre/Rhinehart Advantage. We have 40-plus agents, marketing homes daily to each other, seeking the right combination of buyer and property. That unique synergy puts your home in the hands of people who are moving 40 percent of the market's real estate transactions. And it gives you a leg up in promoting your property.

What's going on?

Marketing Period

It can take time to find the right buyer. We don't let you wait in the dark. We'll keep you fully informed on what's happening in the marketing process. We'll also keep you updated on market conditions and other factors that can affect the sale.

Driving a hard bargain


Real estate transactions are highly complex agreements. It takes a lot of experience and specialized knowledge to get through them without unintended consequences. We put that experience and knowledge at your disposal, providing you with guidance through the negotiation process.

A closer look

Inspection and Financing Contingencies

Most purchase offers today will have three contingencies: an appraisal supporting the purchase price, a satisfactory home inspection and the buyer's ability to obtain financing. We stay with you during these steps. If necessary, we'll also help you through any further negotiations that come out of those contingencies - to make sure the sale goes through.

It's a deal!


It's the very last step in a long process. It's one place where you really don't want any surprises. We stay with you to review the costs you can expect - mortgage payoffs, taxes or assessments. Then we help make sure the closing follows the terms of your sale agreement. With no surprises!

Success Story

If you're like most people, buying and selling a home will be your biggest financial transaction. We're dedicated to assisting you along the way, making sure you understand each step in the process, helping you reach your goal. That's the Ayre/Rhinehart Advantage ... and a breath of fresh Ayre.

We'd like to make you the next Ayre/Rhinehart success story. Getting ready to sell a home? Contact us at or 989.631.7000, and we'll show you the Ayre/Rhinehart Advantage.