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An eco-friendly lawn doesn't have to be a chore. Here's how you can easily go green.

A nice green, lush yard is attractive, but if it's loaded with chemicals, that beauty may come with a price. Chemicals can be harmful to the environment, and their warning labels may make you understandably wary of exposing yourself and your kids to these substances. That's why more people are going organic when it comes to lawn care. If you choose this route, however, you'll need to research exactly what works and what doesn't.

Our REALTORS® share the following organic lawn care tips that actually work:

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Gardening season is just beginning, and we have the tips to help your garden flourish all spring and summer long.

Whether you've had a garden for years or are planting your first one this season, now's the time to start preparing your garden, This will help increase the odds that you'll have a thriving garden and will also help you take care of some tasks now before the temperatures get warmer.

Our REALTORS® live and work in the Midland, MI area and know it well. They suggest these steps to start your garden prep now and give you the best chance of success:

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If you choose the right smart home technology, you can actually save money. Here's the tech you should look for.

Smart home technology is becoming more popular as a greater number of devices use Wi-Fi connectivity to make our homes more efficient and comfortable. Some can even help reduce your energy bills and make your home more secure. And when it comes time to put your home on the market, smart technology devices like water monitors can be a selling point that appeals to many prospective buyers and sets your home apart from others for sale.

Our REALTORS® suggest investing in some of the following smart home tech:

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Want an easy way to take your cooking to the next level? Start shopping for produce that's in season this winter.

Eating seasonally has a wide variety of benefits, including getting fresher, better tasting, and more delicious food than you would from food consumed out of season. And if you or your grocer are buying from local farms, you're also helping to support your local economy.

Our REALTORS® recommend these best seasonal ingredients to shop for this winter:

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The colors of the year have arrived! Here's how you can transform your home with the top colors of 2022.

Colors of the Year, which are named by color experts as well as paint companies, can help refresh and inspire your home decor in the new year. 2022's shades range from a vibrant periwinkle to a chocolatey brown, and they'll each bring a new feel and versatility to your decor.

Our REALTORS® share the following 2022 Colors of the Year, including tips on how to best incorporate them into your home to achieve the look you want:

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One of the best parts of the holidays is staying cozy in your home. Here are some crafting projects you make indoors.

The holidays are the perfect time to make some DIY holiday crafts to decorate your home or give as gifts. If you have kids, let them help and you'll be making nice family memories at the same time.

Our REALTORS® suggest making the following DIY holiday crafts this season:

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If you love seeing birds at your feeder during springtime, you don't need to give that up now! Here's how you can feed year-round birds during fall and winter.

A yard filled with birds brings to mind warmer spring or summer months, but many stay throughout the year, even through cold weather. They need some more help finding sources of food during colder months, so why not help them out while attracting some beautiful birds to your yard?

Our REALTORS® suggest the following tips for feeding birds during chilly months:

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Choosing decor for your home can be a challenge. Here's how you can tap into your inner designer and make your home shine.

Whether you're decorating your new home or are refreshing the one you've lived in for years, it helps to have a sense of what your unique decor style is. This information can help guide your decorating decisions so you can create rooms you love.
Our REALTORS® suggest the following ways to find your unique decor style:

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Your family photos don't have to be cluttered. Give them new life with these display ideas!

It's easy to look at photos on your phone, but by making prints of these special moments, you can have the basis for some interesting and meaningful displays for your home. Photos can be used in a wide variety of ways and can help personalize and add visual interest to any room.

Our REALTORS® share the following ways to rethink your family photos while improving your home decor:

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Starting an indoor herb garden can be easy and rewarding. Here are some tips to get you started.

Fresh herbs are an easy way to add life to dull dishes. These fragrant and flavorful little plants make beautiful garnishes, add vitality to every bite, and even better, they're packed with valuable antioxidants and nutrients. Sure, you can pick up all these herbs at a grocery store, but nothing beats the taste of a home-grown, fresh-picked herb. If you've got a windowsill with plenty of sunlight, then you have the perfect spot for growing an indoor herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow and you don't need a big backyard or green thumb to grow a lush herb garden. Here are our REALTORS®' favorite indoor herbs, plus how to grow and use them.

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