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The colors of the year have arrived! Here's how you can transform your home with the top colors of 2022.

Colors of the Year, which are named by color experts as well as paint companies, can help refresh and inspire your home decor in the new year. 2022's shades range from a vibrant periwinkle to a chocolatey brown, and they'll each bring a new feel and versatility to your decor.

Our REALTORS® share the following 2022 Colors of the Year, including tips on how to best incorporate them into your home to achieve the look you want:

  • Very Peri by PANTONE
    Instead of reaching into its vast library of colors to choose its 2020 color of the year, PANTONE has created an entirely new color — Veri Peri — for the first time in its 23-year program. The hue is blue with a violet-red undertone, resulting in a joyful, dynamic color. Use it in your home to paint a vibrant accent wall or add color with throw pillows. For a refreshing look in a home office or living room, pair it with green tones. Veri Peri also works well with a number of other colors, including white, grey, blue, terra-cotta, mauve, and beige.

  • Laurel Leaf by Better Homes & Gardens
    Better Homes & Gardens has chosen Laurel Leaf, a dusty green shade reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves, as its color of the year. Since people spent more time in outdoor spaces like their backyards and parks during the pandemic, Laurel Leaf brings some of the outside indoors. It pairs well with creamy whites, beiges, light to medium wood tones, and leafy house plants. Try using it as a backdrop in a dining room, where it adds sophistication, or in a bedroom, where it brings a touch of relaxation.

  • Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards
    Art and Craft
    , Dunn-Edwards' 2022 Color of the Year, is a warm, earthy shade of brown that adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to your decor. A cozy, versatile color, it works well as a foundation color that ties other hues together. Use it to paint walls - or even the walls and millwork - in living and dining areas and bedrooms to create an inviting feel. When it's paired with light neutrals, Art and Craft looks brighter, and when it's alongside jewel tones, it brings luxury to your decor.

  • Aleutian by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams
    Aletutian, the 2022 Color of the Year from HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, is a shade of washed-out indigo that evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. With its warm undertone, the color has a restful tone that makes it appropriate throughout the home. It serves as the foundation for Softened Refuge, a larger color collection with 10 complementary hues. Since Aleutian pairs nicely with any of the colors in the collection — including warm tan or dusty slate — you'll find it easy to choose complementary shades.

  • Breezeway by Behr
    A cool, refreshing shade of blue-green, Breezeway is Behr's 2022 Color of the Year. Although it has a coastal feel, it also works well in contemporary as well as vintage-inspired decor. If you're looking for a new look in your kitchen, Breezeway can be combined with bright white and jet-black accents to create a clean appearance. It also can be used to create a soothing, relaxing feel when you pair it with soft cream, warm taupe, and natural wood tones.

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