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First impressions mean everything, which is why you should give your foyer a makeover with these tips.

The foyer is an important but often overlooked part of the home that serves as its entryway. It's the first place your family and guests see as they enter or exit your home, and the same is true of prospective home buyers if you're currently trying to sell your home, so it makes a vital first impression. Your foyer is also the spot where you tend to shed your jacket and take off your shoes or where your kids scramble for sporting equipment or backpacks.

Instead of neglecting this area, fix your foyer up so it's attractive and functional. Our REALTORS® suggest the following improvements to help your foyer give off the right first impression:

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Hamburger Month is celebrated in May, so head out to some local Midland restaurants and sample some of the many available variations on this delicious favorite. From a simple but delicious cheeseburger to inventive variations like a Chipotle Black Bean Burger, you'll have your choice of many different options. Some restaurants also offer gluten-free buns or Impossible Burgers that let you get your burger fix even if you have different dietary needs or preferences.

Our REALTORS® recommend trying the following Midland burger joints this May — and beyond:

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