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It's the perfect time to make your home spotless again. Use these tips for a proper deep clean.

Spring is finally here! And as nature starts fresh in spring, it's also a great time to give your home a deep cleaning and keep it well organized. Our REALTORS® suggest kicking off your spring cleaning with these tips:

  • Streamline your cleaning supplies. 
    You don't need a specialized cleaner to make your home fresh and clean. Buy a good all-purpose cleaner and some microfiber cloths, which will cover most of your cleaning, and you can buy others only as needed. You can also make your own homemade cleaner by combining ¾ cup water, ¾ cup rubbing alcohol, 5 to 10 drops of essential oil, and 1 squirt of dish soap. This can be used on appliances, sinks, and quartz, granite, and marble counters.

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Try these local breweries for a unique Midland brew on national beer day.

Did you know National Beer Day is celebrated every April 7th? Even if you just missed it last week, it's still a great time to explore local breweries. Whether you prefer a dark stout, pale ale, fruit-flavored beer, or another option, celebrate this holiday by lifting a mug of your favorite brew. Our REALTORS® suggest visiting one of the following Midland MI breweries to try some local beers on National Beer Day and beyond:

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