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Nothing starts your day off better than an amazing breakfast. Here's where you can find one around Midland.

Whether your day includes a morning of biking or hiking in the park, a visit to Dow Gardens, or looking at Midland homes for sale, nothing starts it off better than an amazing breakfast. Our REALTORS® know how important a good breakfast is for productivity, and these places are some of their favorites. Jumpstart your day happy and full with these Midland breakfast spots.

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With some simple steps and renovations, you can transform your attic into the perfect storage unit. Here's how.

If you're looking for a place to manage some of your clutter, your attic is a natural storage spot. But since this room is often unfinished and prone to pests, leaks, mold, and extreme temperature changes, it will take a little planning to make the most of your attic storage and ensure your items last for years. Short of a major revamp, there are plenty of storage ideas that can help transform an attic into the ideal version of itself. Our REALTORS® have put together a few tips to help you manage the process and optimize your attic space.

  • Assess the Attic Floor
    Placing items on non-weight-bearing surfaces can be dangerous. Before you start storing things in your attic, consult a professional to determine if the area is structurally sound and the joists can bear weight. If your attic is structurally sound, you can convert empty spaces and floor areas into usable storage options by resting a plywood board or attic decking panels over strong joists.

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