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Houseplants to Avoid - Ayre/Rhinehart, REALTORS®

Houseplants can really brighten up a home. Big and showy or slender and intricate, green-growing things can enhance your interior design. If you're adding your home to the list of Midland homes for sale, you may want to work in some houseplants to bring out the best in your home before you plan for the virtual or in-person tour. As our REALTORS® will tell you, houseplants are helpful not only for their beauty but also for calming our nerves and cleansing the air. 

But homeowners with pets will want to choose houseplants with some care, as many types can be toxic. If you do acquire some species that might make your pet sick, place them where the animal can't reach them. 

To help you choose your plants, here's the lowdown on a number of popular and beautiful species, but ones that also might be sickening to Fido.

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Restaurants for Waffles - Ayre/Rhinehart, REALTORS®

Waffles are a staple of brunch menus and buffets, but their humble origins date back to ancient Greece, where flatcakes were cooked between hot metal plates. While the waffle's classic grid shape first appeared in the 15th century, it was popularized with the invention of the waffle iron in 1869.

Our REALTORS® love waffles because they lend themselves to both sweet and savory variations. Head to one of these great restaurants around Midland on Monday, August 24 to celebrate National Waffle Day.

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