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Outdoor Projects - Homeowners - Ayre/Rhinehart. REALTORS®

There's no time like the present to settle in and nest in your home. Whether you have a large yard or a small garden, our REALTORS® have come across plenty of fabulous ideas that can breathe a bit of fresh air into your landscape. The following are seven of our favorite weekend projects that you will want to put on your "to-do" list. 

  1. Add Shutters and Flower Boxes
    Shutters and flower boxes are easy to attach to your windows and railings. Adding the right shutters can add depth and dimension to your home's appearance, and the flowers that bloom right outside the window are guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest days.

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Price Reduction - Sell a House - Ayre/Rhinehart, REALTORS®

You can't control all the factors that influence the sale of your home. You can't change the location, and there is only so much you can do to improve the home's curb appeal. However, there is one ace up your sleeve that you have complete control over, and that is the listing price of the house. If you are finding it hard to sell your home, our REALTORS® may recommend reducing the price to entice an interested buyer to your front door.

  • Aiming Too High Can Turn Away Buyers
    Everyone wants to receive a reasonable offer for their home. However, many sellers artificially raise the price of their home. They do this with the intent to negotiate down to the offer they want to receive. However, if the home is priced too high, it will turn away savvy buyers who will see the price is too high. If no one has called to take a look in a week or longer, it is a good bet the price is working against you.

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