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Virtual Tour Prep - Sell a Home - Ayre/Rhinehart REALTORS®

Virtual tours aren't new to the real estate industry but they're perhaps bigger — and more important — today than ever before. Virtual tours offer a number of benefits to both buyers and sellers. Buyers can conveniently take walk-throughs of properties all around the world, viewing as many spaces as they wish before committing to an in-person walk-through. Sellers, in turn, only receive qualified and motivated buyers at their doorstep and the decreased cleaning requirements also save them money in the long-run. If you're planning on listing your house alongside other Midland homes for sale, here are a few tips from our REALTORS® that will help you prep your home for a successful virtual tour.

  • Begin With the Basics
    Your virtual tour preparation begins with the same basic open house preparation. You should create a checklist of all of the cleaning and maintenance tasks that you need to complete. Separate these by room so you can close each space off as you finish.

  • Cut Down on Clutter
    While you're cleaning, try to eliminate as much clutter as you can. How can you spot clutter? If it's not in its "home," it's clutter. For instance, a photo-book on the coffee table may be décor but the stack of mail on your dining room table is clutter. Remove and store these items in an organized fashion to keep your spaces tidy.

  • Remove Personal Items
    Although they are considered décor, many of your personal items should also be removed with the clutter. Personal items are those which give the buyer a sense of who lives in the home. Photographs, awards, pet toys, children's school projects, and anything else that makes the buyer envision you in your home should be stored out of view.

  • Don't Neglect the Exterior
    Curb appeal matters more than ever with virtual tours and online listings, especially when fewer buyers will physically drive past your home during social distancing. Along with sprucing up your lawn, try to showcase your home by cleaning or repainting the exterior, creating an inviting front entryway, and remove all vehicles and trash cans from view.

  • Be Mindful of Virtual Challenges
    Although there are many similarities when prepping for physical open houses and virtual tours, there are also a few critical differences between the two. First, your home will look different on-camera than it does in person. Also, viewers will be able to pause and zoom in on any element of your home that's in the tour which means they can visually inspect every corner from floor to ceiling.  

Social Distancing Tips

  • Research layout ideas. Now may not be the best time to invite a professional photographer or videographer or stager into your home, but you can still achieve professional-grade results with a little advice. Search online to discover layout or staging ideas.

  • Be respectful of social distancing outside. Though you will need to spruce up your lawn and take exterior photographs, be mindful of others in your community. You should also be sure that, when you're working outside, you're not allowing yourself to come into close contact with neighbors, service professionals, or those passing by.

  • Ask for help from your REALTOR®. You're not alone in your home sale even when social distancing protocols are in place.

If at any point you need assistance with prepping your virtual tour, contact Ayre/Rhinehart REALTORS®! We'll be there for you (even virtually) every step of the way!

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