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Midland, MI Landmarks - Ayre/Rhinehart REALTORS®

Now more than ever, our REALTORS® are always excited about all the great outdoor attractions in and around Midland, MI. For anyone who needs an opportunity to get outside and enjoy some alone time in a scenic setting, these Midland area landmarks and attractions are great places to check out on a Sunday drive in Midland County. 

  • The Tridge - 101 Golfside Drive, Midland, MI 48640
    A unique three-legged footbridge in Chippewassee Park, the structure formally known as the Tridge is one of the most iconic and immediately recognizable landmarks in the Midland area. The bridge consists of a 31-foot central pillar supporting three spokes, each of which connects to a different shore at the confluence of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee Rivers. You can walk across the bridge from Chippewassee Park to the Midland Farmers Market. The Tridge also marks the beginning of two of the region's best hiking trails—the Chippewa Nature Trail and the Pere Marquette Rail Trail.

  • Dow Gardens - 1809 Eastman Ave., Midland, MI 48640
    Established in 1899 by Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow and family, the property now known as Dow Gardens is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Michigan. Dow Gardens spans 110 acres and welcomes 175,000 guests per year, offering not only well-manicured gardens and forests but also spectacular outdoor art installations. Dow Gardens is located in the heart of Midland, just minutes from some of the most beautiful Midland Homes for Sale. The most famous feature of Dow Gardens is probably its Canopy Walk, with elevated trails offering a birds-eye view of the forest. 

  • Solar System Sculptures - Pere-Marquette Rail-Trail, Sanford, MI 48657
    The Pere-Marquette Rail-Trail is an amazing resource for anyone to enjoy the outdoors in the Midland area. Stretching 30 miles across Midland County, the trail follows the path of a former railroad line and is open to hikers as well as cyclists. One of the trail's most unique features is a series of solar system sculptures along the trail. Each piece represents a part of the Earth's solar system, all made perfectly to scale, from the 7.5-foot diameter sun right down to a 1/2-inch Pluto. The sculpture's distances are also to scale, starting with the sun in downtown Coleman, all the way to Pluto, 5.6 trail miles to the east. 

  • Midland City Forest Park - 2840 E. Monroe Road, Midland, MI 48640
    A great place to get away from it all, Midland City Forest Park is a year-round destination for outdoor fun in Midland. The park's densely wooded forest trails are a haven for cross-country skiers in winter and are equally attractive to hikers and mountain bikers during the warmer months. Some trails are also open to horseback riding as well. More than 13 miles of trails meander through the 520-acre park—the largest in Midland County—traversing hills, streams, shady forests, open meadows, and marshy boardwalks. 

Contact Ayre/Rhinehart REALTORS® to learn more about life in Midland, MI. You'll find beautiful homes and unique outdoor attractions in our neck of the woods, and we're happy to call Midland home!

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