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Jerri earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University and her Master of Arts from Central Michigan University. Prior to her real estate career, she was a practicing audiologist in the tri-city area. Her professional training has enabled her to become a skilled communicator and to develop critical listening skills, a vital asset for any real estate professional. Jerri’s customers recognize and appreciate her ability to assist them through the complexities of today’s real estate transactions and to keep them informed throughout the process. “Jerri was tremendous – she was receptive and helpful to our needs. She went above and beyond our expectations. Her honesty is beyond reproach. A very valuable agent!” “We valued Jerri’s down-to-earth approach and willingness to answer any and all of our questions.” “Jerri’s guidance and patience helped us through the entire process.” “Jerri was extremely personable and put us at ease throughout the purchase process.” “Though we looked at numerous homes, Jerri remained patient and encouraging as we slowly determined the type of property that fit our tastes and price range.” “Jerri’s personality and professionalism made our first experience in real estate a very pleasant venture.” “We would highly recommend Jerri Scurfield as a real estate agent to anyone.” Jerri’s appreciation for the many unique qualities of the Midland area, along with her energy and dedication to her profession make her a valuable part of your home purchase or sale team.