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C: 989-621-2875
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Achieving that successful sale, purchase or investment requires proper execution and knowledge of the market. Bryan has been immersed in real estate from a personal level buying, selling, remodeling and investing for over a decade and has built an understanding and passion that’s transferable to his clients, customers and peers.

Bryan has a passion for life, family, creativity and real estate. His professional career began with degrees in accounting and finance from Central Michigan University followed by a CPA License while working for Yeo and Yeo. Bryans next challenge lead him to finance in the corporate world where he spent more than 10 years perfecting his skills. This unique background enables Bryan to use his personal investment experience, finance skill, attention to detail, and desire to help others in the challenging world of real estate. For Bryan real estate is a passion.

So whether you’re buying, selling, or renting a home or just starting a portfolio of investment properties, Bryan has the passion and the personal and technical expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Let Bryan put his skill set and passion to work for you and help you achieve your goals and dreams. If you or someone you know might need some assistance on their real estate journey, please give Bryan a call.