About Us

Ayre/Rhinehart Realtors began in 1974 with one dream, two phones and working out of co-founder Jim Ayre's basement while an office was being built. Jim and Dick Rhinehart's shared passion for their careers lead them to form their own independent real estate brokerage. They realized that together they could offer a higher level of personalized service and attention than either could alone or at a large franchise. Before long, however, other top agents were gravitating towards Ayre/Rhinehart. It was clear something special was happening here and they wanted to be a part of it. Jim and Dick's genuine love for their work and their community showed. In fact, it's why they were able to create a uniquely synergistic atmosphere that real estate franchises couldn't offer. Here, the owners, agents, and support staff all work together as a team. They share in each other's successes and take great pride in providing the people of the Midland area with the finest real estate service possible.

Today, owners Dick Rhinehart, Linda Owen and Badger Beall, along with the entire staff of Ayre/Rhinehart are proud to represent the premier real estate firm for people throughout the Midland area. The company's success is a direct reflection of the timeless values of honesty, integrity and good old-fashioned hard work. Before your next move in the Midland area, talk to our friendly staff. As a locally owned and independent company, we understand real estate really is a people business... and our strength, indeed, is our people.